6 reasons why I stop Methotrexate

6 reasons why I stop Methotrexate


MethotrexateBy Dr Irwin Lim, Rheumatologist

If you’ve been a reader of this blog, you’ll know that Methotrexate is a go-to drug for rheumatologists (read the reasons why).

It’s considered safe, in the hands of rheumatologists and with monitoring.

It’s considered the cornerstone of effective treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, it’s a standard medication for psoriatic arthritis, and we often use it for it’s “steroid-sparing” effect (to reduce the need for steroid).

But, not everyone can tolerate it.

It’s important patients know this. There are alternatives and I don’t expect my patients to accept side effects which are significant to them, or to me.

When I think about it, the reasons/situations I would stop Methotrexate include:

  • Side effects that worry a patient. Such as nausea or hair loss.
  • Serious side effects that worry me. For eg, a rare reaction such as lung irritation/inflammation.
  • Abnormal blood tests. Usually worsening liver function tests over time.
  • Infections. I would normally withhold Methotrexate if there is a significant infection eg a pneumonia, and I would stop the drug permanently if recurrent infections occur.
  • Patient Concern. Some worry so much about the drug, and even though I may not agree with the degree of worry, I don’t think it’s worth persisting with a medication if a patient is experiencing mental anguish.
  • Inefficacy. There’s no point persisting with a therapy that does not seem to be working (except that Methotrexate may be useful in combination with other drugs).

Have you had to stop Methotrexate for any other reason?

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  • Herman

    I had to stop it in few patients who are not compliant with blood monitoring.
    Hair loss is an issue in a minority and often responds to a dose reduction.
    Other than the above reasons you mentioned, it is very well tolerated as proven in many long term studies, at least in my patients.

  • http://raknitter.tumblr.com/ Melissa

    My hair is thinning on it, but doc thinks the actual disease could be causing at least some of that (my RA isn’t controlled – yet). But if I don’t take it, I notice a big difference, so for me, well worth having some thinner hair.

  • dr mahesh Deshmukh

    It does cause severe gastrointestinal distress and dizziness, I had to stop MTX because of this problem.

    • irwinlim

      Yes, it can, Mahesh. I’ve stopped the drug for both these reasons. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sometimes itis Lupus

    I went to hospital for skin cancer surgery, and was sent home, and told to stop taking my methotrexate for a month or two, before I could have the surgery.

    • irwinlim

      Not sure why they would do that. There is no evidence for that. In fact, it would be more problematic if the lupus flared by stopping MTX.

      • Sometimes itis Lupus

        I did ask them to check with my rheumatologist (who was at the same hospital), but they said no, they just couldn’t do the surgery because it wouldn’t heal if I was taking MTX.

      • Mathew William Shaw


  • Amelia Hewitt

    Can methotrexate affect the CNS as I have read?

    • irwinlim

      Yes it can Amelia. Not common at the doses we use but things which may occur include headache, dizziness, mood disturbance, memory impairment, concentration impairment.

  • arthritic chick

    For me methotrexate causes severe depression. I have tried to tolerate the drug 4 times, even tapering the dose up very slowly. Its a slow decline, but after a few weeks at 10mg I become suicidal (literally) and completely irrational. Stop the methotrexate and sanity returns. The hospital said it was a very rare side effect, but not unheard of. Have you had any patients experience this?

    • irwinlim

      I have had patients report depression with MTX. This is a side effect we also see with a range of other medications. In your case, it would seem like you should not bother retrialing Methotrexate. There are other options.

      • arthritic chick

        Thanks for your reply, Dr Lim. The reason I tried so hard to tolerate mtx is because of the medicare rules on biologics in Australia…half of them require concurrent treatment with mtx. But I agree, it is definitely NOT the drug for me :). I’m just glad there are biologics that can be taken without mtx. Having tried (and failed) various combinations mtx, sulfasalazine and plaquenil, Imuran, arava, and Enbrel, I am soon to try Humira. Prednisone is the only thing that has worked for me, and I believe I still have Actemra and Cimzia if that fails. Fingers crossed!